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Time to start fresh

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20141231_230043New year is always a possibility to start fresh.

I have challenged myself for year 2015 to change what I do and how I do it.

I have been claying 20+ years and have had shop for polymer clay hobbyists for 8+ years. I know I need to get back to the roots to find new enthusiasm to the medium and art in general.

I have always been either very lazy or reluctant at taking pictures of my artwork or showing them to anyone. As I also work as polymer clay shop owner and teacher most of the stuff I show online are from instructions for hobbyists or ideas that I intend to teach.

I decided that it is time to change habits and start using my time wiser. I also have promised to my English speaking friends to share things with them in language they will understand. I will be doing lots of writing and grammar errors as I do not intend to proof read my texts with magnifying glass. The quality of pictures should not be an excuse anymore. Phone camera snaps can pass as pictures if I do not have time or energy to take proper pictures. I want to change things – this website will be both documentation and method of doing so.

This website will be for everything creative – not necessarily only for polymer clay. We shall see where we are when 2016 begins.

Baselines for me:

(a)muse me

Artwork or jewelry done with specific inspiration in mind.

teach me

Mostly about craft of polymer clay. Making stuff from instructions written by others or revisiting common techniques. Playing scales of polymer clay just to keep the machine going

challenge me 

Stuff done with some kind of challenge in mind.

show me

Art exhibitions, artwork finds from internet, technical gadgets. Stuff.