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Necklaces with Inka Gold

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As I mentioned part of my work is making instructions to various publications, magazines and for my own shop. Instructions for this necklace got just published in Ihana- magazine where I have had mostly polymer clay related article space since 2008.

The process of making instructions for magazines is bit different from when publishing to my own customers. Usually we have a short conversations with the editor about what is hot and new and what is the theme of the issue. Editor might have some pictures or ideas what she wants or I might give her links to something that might be interesting. Usually the custom order for instructions is “something that looks like this” and it is up to me what techniques and methods to use to achieve something similar. Also there are some other things that have to be taken into consideration here: tools should be easily available to everyone even with limited budget, techniques should be easy enough for true beginners to achieve the works and instructions should not take 20 pages.

This time it was all in jewelry trend: metallic, large and robust. As Inka Gold has finally come more available in Finnish craft shops (we are several years behind with the trends here) I thought it would be cool to do something with them for instructions.

So this is what I did.


As always I try to make at least one variation too as it is much easier to most students to get the idea of “you can modify the colors and shapes etc.” with at least some kind of reference picture of modifications. work


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Something for Marjut

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When I am making any new designs I have someone in my mind. Usually it is a singer or actor, sometimes a friend. This time it was a friend. We went to meet with Marjut – a friend that moved away from Helsinki – on November and I wanted to design something just for her.

Waxed chord is one of the things I really like on polymer clay necklaces. It is both soft and hard – depending on stringing. She likes to wear long necklaces and is very fond of reds and violets. Also she is the kind of person who likes fresh flowers and candles so I wanted to make her something colorful with hint of oriental feeling in it. This is the design I came up to.

This is not the actual necklace I ended up giving her – I made parts for two different necklaces and on spur of the moment decided that the violet one is more her. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures from it. A common mistake I keep repeating 😉


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My studio is on a building where there are several other artists too. Yesterday I was talking about 80´s jewelry trends coming back with ceramist friend of mine.
“Metallic things! And animals. Tigers. Lions…” said she
“Yes, and lizard. And octopus.” I continued
“You should make an octopus with clay!”

And so I did.

Otto Octopussy #polymerclay #polyclay #askartelumassa #diy2015 #yllytyshullu

Kuva, jonka Pörrö Sahlberg (@porrosahlberg) julkaisi

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Bangle bracelets

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Project is from PCA, Project by Syndee Holt

Project video had several different bangle ideas. I made one with Perfect Pearls (instead of Pearl Ex), texture sheet and paint. I wanted to have just some subtle coloring on rised areas instead of stronger ones.


I was not that happy with the project. Too commercial looking and somewhat bit too “bling” for my own taste.

How ever I still tried something of more “me” with that technique. I did not have the patience to spend much time blending the molded fossils to the base, was just playing.  

Clarity of instructions: 9+
Difficulty: Beginner projects
What did I learn: I could see myself using both metallic powders and paint in one project. Maybe. Although I am not still bling person 😉

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Ode to Tommi Toija

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tommitoijaI visited Tommi Toijas exhibition Mutatis Mutandis at Amos Anderson Art Museum twice. The second time it was last day of the exhibition. The museum was quiet and I truly had time to stop and feel everything.

Black clay, odd human figures,  plenty of pastel pink/orange glazing both matte and shiny. Lots of emotions – Strangers  standing by each other in huge room without taking direct eye contact to any other human figures in that room. Reacting in their own isolation to things unknown to viewer.

I don’t know if I understand any of it but it still felt true and inspiring.

I knew I had to do something with rough surfaces and colors from his work. I did not want to use paint so I made several technical tests until I was able to use thinned out polymer clay both as base and paint.

This two-sided pendant is what came out of that.


“Tommi Toija”, 2014

Polymer clay, metallic wire

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