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Racoon figure

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Project is from PCA, Project by Katie Oskin

Lets start by announcing that I truly am not “lets sculpt cute figures person”. As this is the second lesson on PCA for the year I would not done this without my new years resolution.

Don´t read this wrongly – Katie’s work is super fun and I have liked her figures when I have seen them around on websites we both visit. She has an eye for cartoonish simplicity and is able to make things that make people smile. Her figures are great.

But making this was like swimming in tar for me. Not because of instructions but because this kind of work is so out of my comfort zone. Funny thing is that on her introduction video on PCA she explained similar feelings towards polymer clay jewelry instructions. We all have those feelings for some things.

Project tutorial had pdf file for instructions and two short video clips to show few essential steps. I was bit confused with some of the measurements and steps even though I prefer readable instructions over videos. The instructions are clear though, pictures mostly a+ and probably my confusion tells more about me than about the tutorial itself.

On the half way trough I got so bored (sorry Katie! Not your fault. This is completely me!) that I just run trough the rest of the instructions to get this darn racoon made. I put it into oven and realized that my work space is full of leftover clay and lint and stuff. Started cleaning and making mud – trying to get a grip of my anxiety as it was really strong. When one of the best necklace ideas ever hit me. (More about that later, this needs about 4-5 weeks of studying and some more prototypes. I am waiting for tools to arrive from France as I did not have what I need to do this properly.)

Anyway, here is my sad racoon who shall be sitting on my table to remind me that sometimes unwanted tasks lead to surprisingly happy flow and new ideas.

Clarity of instructions: 8+

Difficulty: Suitable for beginners who have basic knowledge on forming shapes with clay, otherwise I would suggest at least some claying experience before

What did I learn: I still am not at all fond of making figures out of clay. Anxiety – how ever – is a good motivation for cleaning the work space so next time I need a boost for cleaning the pile of scraps I must make something cute again 😉 And getting distracted from my own creative patterns lead to new visions. So “suffering with cute” is not a bad way to get there 😉

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