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Pörrö Sahlberg was born in 1971 and is living in Helsinki



porro @ iki.fi


Polymerclay shop

In my own words

As a child I dreamed, that my future was in either writing or teaching. The art came into the life much later, first in form of crafting jewelery and then slowly growing from there to textile and wall art. It was bit of an accident that it all started – a complete stranger bought handmade jewelery bought from my neck at the bus stop and when I told about that freak occasion to friends, they started to buy my jewelery too. I have always been interested in bit larger scale necklaces and as they were not available. As a teenager I learned to make my own. Selling them was easy leap from wanting to make tons of jewellery.

I had tried polymer clay somewhere around 1991-1992 but because it was not available in Finland I almost forgot the material for years. Then some day 1995 I saw lots of it in sale in local craft store. I bought 10 packets and went back a week later to get me more. I was addicted but the information about polymer clays was almost non existent. So I tried, anything and everything that came into my mind. Soon most of the other materials vanished from the jewellery I was selling and I was monogamous to polymer clay for years.

Enlargement of scale and starting to combine textile techniques with polymer clay was partly an accident too. Knitting was a long lost hobby that came back in form of small children’s clothing. I was getting married and wanted to have polymer clay flower “things” as my wedding bouget. I had to learn to crochet to make it. While doing it I discovered several interesting techniques and ideas about what all could be possible to do with polymer clay and yarn. After that I have tried combining knitting, crocheting, makrame, weaving and sewing by hand in both larger scale wall pieces and (un)wearable art.

I describe myself as polymer clay artist although the reality is that most of my work is somewhat mixed media. With jewellery I am mainly combining polymer clay with glass, cotton cord and silver. But with sculptures and wall pieces I am all about combining textures from both the yarn world and polymerclay together. Most of my polymer clay pieces have at least one hole in them – even the larger pieces are constructed with pieces that have some kind of hole for threads to go trough.

Working  as craft shop owner

I started selling clay and tools in Finland 2006. When I started my firm I only knew 8 people who had done some polymer clay. Nowadays there are thousands of hobbyists doing the craft.

Back then I already had some experience on teaching polymer clay techniques on some clay related conferences abroad. At start I only had a web-shop and teached on various places, but later I rented a small studio where I can both work and teach. Because Finnish audience is mainly beginners and hobbyists I have had to learn to design projects that can be achieved even without any prior knowledge and also use somewhat limited amount of tools when writing instructions for students. Owning a shop and selling to hobbyists is very different than artistic work – it can be fulfilling and creative but it also has a lot of paperwork and scheduling involved. The best part of my work is definitely teaching. I love seeing people getting enthusiastic about the craft and also happy about their selves.

In these years I have teached about 800+ students, written one book about polymer clay to Finnish audience and about 50+ magazine articles.


I have challenged myself for year 2015 to start again from the basics. Although I already have done about everything possible with polymer clay during these years I think that I need to get back to the roots to find new enthusiasm to the medium and art in general.

I have been very lazy at taking pictures of my artwork or showing them to anyone. I just have been making instructions for hobbyists and publishing them in various mediums.

I decided that it is time to change habits and start using my time wiser. This website will be one part of my new routine.

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