Necklaces with Inka Gold

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As I mentioned part of my work is making instructions to various publications, magazines and for my own shop. Instructions for this necklace got just published in Ihana- magazine where I have had mostly polymer clay related article space since 2008.

The process of making instructions for magazines is bit different from when publishing to my own customers. Usually we have a short conversations with the editor about what is hot and new and what is the theme of the issue. Editor might have some pictures or ideas what she wants or I might give her links to something that might be interesting. Usually the custom order for instructions is “something that looks like this” and it is up to me what techniques and methods to use to achieve something similar. Also there are some other things that have to be taken into consideration here: tools should be easily available to everyone even with limited budget, techniques should be easy enough for true beginners to achieve the works and instructions should not take 20 pages.

This time it was all in jewelry trend: metallic, large and robust. As Inka Gold has finally come more available in Finnish craft shops (we are several years behind with the trends here) I thought it would be cool to do something with them for instructions.

So this is what I did.


As always I try to make at least one variation too as it is much easier to most students to get the idea of “you can modify the colors and shapes etc.” with at least some kind of reference picture of modifications. work


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