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Image: Cocepts, photo project I started 2014.

One part of my New Years resolution is to dedicate more time for “basic level claying” this year. As I am really lousy at self discipline I signed up to
PCA Virtual Retreat Experience which will have 22 virtual workshops in year 2015. I tend to do each and every project weather I like it or not. It actually was cheap – 100$ – and although the technical interface of the site is not the most modern and usable one I have seen, I think this will be worth every penny. You might also want to buy access especially if you are new to claying. It is marvelous concept and accessible to everyone anywhere in the world.

Those of you who know me might still wonder why. The target audience for that is not necessarily professional clayers, and you have seen me using most of those techniques and methods for over a decade now. So why? I am there to play scales and do boring stuff. I don’t mean to offend anyone with being blunt honest about this: I am bored with most beginner projects even when they are my own design meant for my own students. They don’t tickle my inner artist who seems to have grande visions(tm).

It is also a good way to go trough multiple techniques during the year and possibly find some that actually intrigue me enough to be studied in greater detail. Lots of techniques have more possibilities than I have seen so far. Like mokume gane – I know about 7 or 8 different ways to make it happen. I usually teach two different ways to my students. But there are still some possibilities and designs that I have not even tried. My old sketch books have ideas written into them – never tested. A year is a long time and it is very possible that some ideas or techniques will eventually occupy most of my time. So – if I intend to actually have some structure for this year – I need to have something keeping me on track even when ideas lead me somewhere else.

Those projects don’t take much more than 1-2 hours in general. I have wasted hours on way more useless things so this is what I think I need to do. I don´t intend to make super finished items either. To me the intention is just to do it and move on. And if something is way cooler and inspiring than anticipated I sure will rant about that too. But my intention is strictly practical like playing scales on piano.

Another question, very politely asked from me, is if I am going to teach what I learn this year. Yes, and no. I always have been very honest to everyone about my way of teaching. I learn techniques, make own projects for my students, have a twist or completely own way of doing stuff. Some things – like Skinner blends etc – I teach away but never without naming my sources or without telling the origin of something. But what goes to actual project or someones  trade mark technique I do not teach them. Ever. Fortunately I don’t even have to – I have enough tricks in my own sleeve not having to go so low. But yes, if I get crazy inspired to make lots of bangles (or whatever) from a workshop I might eventually end up making a bangle workshop for my students here too. With my own designs, incorporating what I learn to those things I already have done for ages.

And if that happens I promise I will give credit where credit is due and if I feel even a bit insecure if it does not fit into Copyright Guidelines for Polymer Clay Artists I sure will be in contact of the original teachers.

And now you know my baseline so I can refer you here later.

And you also know that my rants are VERY long. Congrats for getting to the end of this :)

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