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Mandala pendant

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Few days ago I saw a link about Elsbeth McLeans painted mandala stones. I was very inspired by her use of color and techniques and had to try to do a mandala of my own with polymer clay.

This was very labor intensive  but I love the idea. I already have tons of drawings made for several other things starting from this idea.

Ps. I really have not had time for free claying in weeks. I am way behind my schedule with stuff I promised to do this year. But I will get there as soon as I get my tasks done 😉

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Just playing with my clay

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I have been really busy with several other things than arts & crafts past few weeks but on Thursday I got a whole day for studio. A good friend and I spent the whole day together claying and chatting – bliss.

I have plenty of tests for Inka Gold written into my to-do-list and this was one of them. This is just a prototype of something I have been thinking a long time now.


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